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Boston terrier - is a breed which came to my kennel in the year 1999 in the person of BRANDY z Gdańska Rodem from a breeder friend of Boston Terriers from Gdansk.

Thanks to her I got to know the taste of exhibition success, but her personality enchanted me to the degree that following specimens of that breed appeared. In the year 2000 Brandy was lined in Germany with an outstanding dog INTERCHAMP, CH.D/KFT, CH.VDH, CH.DK, CH.F, CH.L, CH.CBD, CH.S, CH.A, Europasg, FCI, InterraSieger, KlubsiegerD, Bundessieger A, CH.JdgKFT, Klub-Jgdsg.CBD"angekoert" JOSIE Oranjelust von Hengstbachtal who was owned by my friends Urszula and Herbert Werani-Hinz.

In the year 2001 the litter "M" was born out of this union, with 6 pups, 3 dogs and 3 bitches. MAKARENA z Gdanska Rodem remained in my house. In te year 2002 DJANGO Oranjelust von Hengstbachtal. came to us from Urszula and Herbert's house. A dog of incredible musicality, a man who likes singing in duos.

The first litter named "Torques" consisted of two bitches PEGGY SUE STAR and POLKA STAR from the union between MAKARENKA and a Swedish dog GEHENNAS IMP. At the same time UNE MISS FRANCE TORQUES du Grand Fresnoy came to us from the French kennel 'du Grand Fresnoy', Ms. Marie-Helen Combis. And this is still not the last of the Boston Terriers in my house, because there will be a continuation

+48 94 348 06 60,
    +48 608 637 556
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